Nickleodeon/The N

I started as Art Director of The N by building a new brand image for the network and then continued to oversee the design and production of graphics for promos, program launches, live events, marekting collateral and web design for the network.
The compilation reel below highlights a selection of the broadcast design produced over the years I worked as art director for the channel.

Art Design:Catherine Chesters
Design & Animation Credits: In house: Catherine Chesters, Sara Lee, Shay Grabowski, David Wong
Design Credits: External: Riss Design, Stlletto, LFS, Tatiana, Arcona, Rodger.
The new logo.
Various show posters and trade ads.
To launch the new Identity of the N and promote a summer of new programming on the network we gave The N a special summer brand identity with the tag line, "go there"
Internal and external give away notebook.
When Nickleodeon decided to update its identity in 2009 they brought all the attributing networks together and gave them a co-heasive look so Nik at Night, Nicktoons, Teennick and nickleodeon all came from the same family but  each  maintaining  its own tone and voice. My job was to oversee the rebranding of The N into the new Teennick.
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