SEE BY CHLOE Fragrance Launch:
To create awareness for the launch of See By Chloé fragrance.To establish it as a new pillar in the
Chloé range for 18-30 year-old women.
While art directing at Santarelli&Co. I created a micro site in which users interact with content for Mobile, Tablet & Desktop.
The site includes 4 Chloe films and a Movie Maker giving the consumer the ability to create their own Custom Video and share with Friends via Facebook and email.
Various templates for online magazine ads Vogue, Banner ads.
See By Chloé fragrance board on Pinterest.
Click to launch site - 
Custom Movie Maker.
We created custom content  where the consumer can generate their own personal SeeByChloe movie.
By  uploading photos via facebook or local and choosing 3 statements about themselves we created a platform for bloggers and friends to share their personal movie between friends and facebook community. 
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